Redwood Healing Center


BIE is a non-invasive drug-free modality that helps create an internal balance within your body, known as homeostasis.  It simply reintroduces the frequency of a substance back into your body so that it is able to recognize the substance.  Your body can then differentiate between good and bad, harmful and not harmful, and is better able to heal itself.


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Redwood Healing Center offers a combination of simple, natural modalities to help the body return to its natural state, letting you focus on enjoying what life has to offer.

When assessing a client, the focus must be on the entire package - emotional as well as physical.  Emotions can create physical dysfunction, and to overcome those limitations, PSYCH-K focuses on the subconscious where beliefs and perceptions are stored, to reprogram the mind with new self-enhancing beliefs bringing a deeper sense of peace and satisfaction, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

As people get older, they tend to feel aches and pains where they hadn’t before.  They have the attitude “I’m just getting older, it’s to be expected.”  These aches and pains are an adaptation of your body to the layers of injuries experienced over a lifetime, but you don’t have to live with them!

Matrix Repatterning addresses these layers that have occurred over the years so that you no longer feel those aches and pains.

Most people think nothing of how scars can affect their posture or organ functionality.  C-sections, for example, can result in back pain, extreme stagnation in the feet, and the formation of internal adhesions. 

MPS Scar Release uses microcurrent probes on the tissue surrounding the scar and creates a healing, inflammatory response to reduce tightness and restriction felt at the site of the scar.  Whether from injury, infection, or surgery, scar tissue can be significantly improved and softened with resulting improvement in circulation and function.

The ZYTO Balance is a revolutionary tool that takes away the guesswork to help you make better decisions to promote and maintain your health and wellness.  A quick and simple automated scan reads your biomarkers and identifies the supplements and essential oils your body craves the most.